The FCC has a secret plan to regulate the Internet. This week, they'lll be voting to reclassify Internet access under Title II of the Telecommunications Act of 1934 and pass new regulation that Obama helped them craft. A 322 page document lays out the plan but they're not allowing the public to see it. The plan is being referred to as "Net Neutrality" but it will harm consumers by increasing the cost of Internet access, set back technological advances, and, worst of all, it could infringe upon our free speech.

The FCC will be voting on this on February 26th -- which is just DAYS away -- so, it's really urgent that you take action now. Call your Senators and Congressman and tell them that you're against the FCC's plan to implement Net Neutrality. Also, sign the petition to stop this unconstitutional plan.


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Glenn Beck was spot on in his radio broadcast where he talks about the phony argument for so called "Net Neutrality". The audio for the show is freely available to listen to and to download from Glenn's website or just click this link to listen to the Net Neutrality portion of the show. I highly recommend that you listen and find out what the Net Neutrality debate is all about.

Also, watch Glenn Beck's video on why it's important to say no to the FCC's plan to regulate the Internet. In this video he explains that it's all about control of the Internet. Check it out and don't fall for the ruse that the FCC is there to protect you.


I highly encourage you to take action now -- we only have 7 days left before the FCC votes on this plan:


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** Click here to tell the FCC that you Oppose Net Neutrality and their plan to regulate the Internet **
(This will take you to the FCC's website. You'll then have to click on the link titled "Protecting and Promoting the Open Internet".)


Say "NO!" to the FCC's Internet Takeover -- send them a clear message today by signing the petition at this link!


Dear Federal Communications Commission,

I am appalled by the FCC's plans to reclassify Internet access as a telecommunications service under Title II of the Telecommunications Act and to pass a host of new regulations on the Internet. To make matters worse, these regulations, contained in a 332 page document, have not even been made available to the public. The fact that no one can read these new regulations before they're passed displays a complete lack of transparency by this agency.

The FCC lacks statutory authority to reclassify Internet services under Title II of the Communications Act. In fact, in 1993, Congress explicitly exempted non-voice services from Title II. If the FCC reclassifies broadband, it would usurp the power of Congress and it will serve as another example of a governmental agency overreaching its authority.

Further, the federal government has no constitutional authority to regulate the Internet whatsoever – in fact, the idea that government could rightfully regulate the free-flow of information flies in the face of the First Amendment and the speech it protects from government intervention.

Additionally, applying title II to Internet access will harm consumers. The Telecommunications act was passed decades before the Internet even came to pass. Applying these antiquated regulations to the Internet will limit the flexibility, competition and innovation of the broadband market. It will also increase taxation by billions of dollars and it will trigger more litigation. The increased money spent on taxes and legal fees will both increase the cost of Internet access to consumers and it will divert capital that broadband companies could have better spent to build out their networks. A case in point is that when Europe increased broadband regulation, it fell way behind the US in network speed and technology. How will the increased taxation and increased litigation, along with the stifling of innovation, benefit consumers?

Lastly, and most importantly, I am concerned about the FCC micro-managing our Internet. This regulation certainly opens the door to government infringing on our freedom of speech and on our privacy. Governments have a very poor track record when it comes to controlling access to information. The last thing that we need is for the government to control what information we can and cannot read or disseminate -- and these FCC Internet regulations will open the door to our government doing just that.

This regulation is unnecessary; It's a solution in search of a problem. And, I am not buying the line that "if you like your Internet plan, you can keep it". I personally urge the Commission to oppose the President's plan to regulate the internet, and vote 'NO!' when it comes to vote on February 26, 2015.


Micron Gust


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It's rather fitting that my first post is about Net Neutrality. So, what's this issue about? Basically, the FCC wants to reclassify the Internet as a telecommunications utility so that it can take more control over and enact more regulation over it all in the name of "Net Neutrality". But, do we really want the government micro-managing our Internet? Along with more regulation comes greater cost, less freedom and less privacy. And in the wake of the NSA Surveillance scandal, multiple DOJ scandals, the IRS scandal, and of course the mess -- who really wants to trust the "pure intentions" or even the competency of a government agency over the Internet? The Internet has been the greatest experiment in the free market in our lifetime -- why let the government wreck it?

The FCC will be voting on this on February 26th. Please call your Senators and Representatives and ask them to oppose Net Neutrality. We really need a groundswell and a shift of public opinion on this topic before Congress will take notice. Hopefully, that happens before it's too late. Together we can make our voices heard.

Here's a link to where you can look up the phone numbers of your Congressman and Senators. (I already called both of my Senators and my Congressman.):

** Find Your Congressman's Phone Number Here **

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* Against Net Neutrality
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* #nonetneutrality
* #DontMessWithTheNet!

PS: Al Franken's tact is to label anyone who opposes Net Neutrality as someone who "just doesn't understand what this issue is". He claims that "This would keep things exactly the same that they've been". (Doesn't that sound a lot like "If you like your health care plan, you can keep it"?) Either Franken doesn't know what he's talking about or he's lying through his teeth. And, be prepared --- if you oppose this, people like Franken will call you stupid, uninformed and someone who doesn't "get it". Of course that's nothing new -- apologists for big government always use that approach to try to fool the easily mislead masses.

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